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More reports. A mouse loose in my basement snacked on a few tomatoes, so I had to replant. It was Kotlas, old seed, low germination (about 5%)

So I soaked some overnight in nitrate, soaked some in carefully measured 2.7% bleach for 30 minutes, and soaked some in 1% Hydrogen Peroxide. The peroxide soak was up in 4 days. No sign of the others ( took 9-10 days with nitrate the first time around).

Here they are. 9 seeds of 50, vs 3 of 50 first time around.

Nothing (yet) from the nitrate or bleach.

I have some 2005 Kimberly seeds in containers as well. This is as much fun as science class!

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a day without fresh homegrown tomatoes is like... ...sigh

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