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The computer is working fine today. "I think I can...I think I can "

I had to water all of the plants today. I used 3/4 gallon of water/food per five gallon container. It was 91F today, and some of the plants drooped a very little, but still - I figured I had better water more than I had been. Friday is forecasted at 96F with high humidity (A record). I'll be paying very close attention to the plants. I can provide shade if needed.

A question for you all who use a similar container and use the 4-18-38 / 15.5-0-0 Calcium Nitrate / Magnesium Sulfate mix. In hot conditions 90F+ heat, "How much water/mix to use daily?"
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This part is about the tomato plants that are planted directly in the soil in a completely separate raised bed: Those plants are already showing yellowing leaves low on the plants. I know the raised beds have RKN and Fusarium Wilt 3, and some of the plants are showing signs of it. The super hybrids FFF,N do not have yellowing leaves. All of the super hybrids are DET, and I'm not really familiar with growing DET plants - just what I have read. To me, it seems like they are not growing fast enough.
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