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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
Salt, you're way over thinking/worrying about growing in containers. Feed them like Mark said and let them grow.

No amount of over watering will stop them from dropping, it's the UV rays and unseasonably warm temps this time of year. It happens and the plants will adjust as they get used it. Try to keep the buckets cool if possible, the sun is hot enough to warp six packs I had outside laying on the ground. YEAH, it's that hot!!

We just broke 2 heat record days in a row. It's gonna be a hot year and the tomatoes will stop developing soon if this record heat keeps up. Night time lows are in the low 70's already and that's too hot for May.
Rajun, you're right. When I noticed the droopy look - it did make me question if I was watering too little. I didn't realize that it was 91F and should have looked at the thermometer that's only 8 or so feet away from the plants. (Beside the same set of windows I was looking out at the plants.) Yeah, the average highs and lows for May are 84° / 63° and the weather is more like it is here in June 92° / 71°. Friday will be more like July averages here 96° / 75°. Averages are only that though. I've lived in this area for all of life and seen how temperatures vary from year-to-year.

Yes, I do overthink/worry about doing things right with the container gardening. I have many reasons/excuses for it - not to justify it, but to show that it can work. After years of growing plants in RKN and Fusarium wilt ridden soil, I'm sure you can understand why I am reluctant to believe it'll work.
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