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I never tried Haley's Purple Comet or Cowlicks or at least I don't think so. We try so many at this event that its hard to keep them straight!

Snow White is good but it seems variable. My experience is that it was amazing early but became bland later. I was so impressed with its early falvor, however, that I have to try some this year. Perhaps between the both of us we can bring a good representative to MAGTAG. The real suprise is that we have never had a Cherokee Purple at its best at MAGTAG. My guess is that since it is an early variaty (or so it seems) it is always past due by MAGTAG.

As far as MORX goes I am growing the F2's but no F1s so it will not be there officially unless the growout produces a replica. I only have about 18 in the grow out but if I get one that is either the same as MORX or green-when-ripe I will save it and bring it.

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