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Default The first annual MAGTAG was a Success!

I couldn't sleep so I figured I would give a report

What a success today was. Cecilia and myself were worried about how things might go since but as I said to her the other day; people that want to be here do not need to be entertained; how true that was. Everyone brought their tomatoes and their enthusiam and it made for a great day.

Approximately 30 people showed up with about 82 unique variaties of tomatoes. It was amazing how few duplicates there were and although everyone was very unique all were strangely similar at the same time

The tasting ending with Black Cherry as the winner (mine woo hoo!) and Olena Ukrainian as a close second. Personally I really liked Kosovo and was given one as a gift at the end of the day. I was suprised Dr. Carolyn Pink didn't do better but it was within the top 10 (mine woo hoo!)

Bluekat had the bigest tomato that was infact a Ulena Ukranian weighing 2 pounds and 6 and a quarter ounces. All of Bluekats tomatoes were large and it was a sight to see. I have yet to grow a tomato over 2 pounds.

Trudi came with what i figure is some kind of coupon holder but instead it was filled with individually wrapped and labled seeds for the taking. The vast majority of them seem like they were russian or from formerly russian states. I have all of them

Dunkel, I discovered doesn't eat tomatoes yet grows and preserves a large and unique collection of WV heirlooms. He came with a friend of equal enthusiasm. He gave me seeds of a yellow heart shaped that I will try and cross with Cherokee Green next year. One of his most interesting tomatoes was Berkley Tye Dye and I hope he gives me some seeds for that one :wink:

Mary (manure_queen) brought speckled roman which I thought was a very unique variety. I should have grabbed one of those for seed.

Also, we had a tip jar to offset the expense of renting the pavillion and though I didn't expect that it would actually work it did indeed and we came out $26 ahead. Thanks to all.

Anyway, it was a great time and you can be sure we will do this again next year.

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