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Hehe, came home and took a little nap! What a fun day
Garnet, the seeds are yours to do whatever you like. Donating them sounds great to me, if it's not too much trouble to do so. If Gary's friend doesn't want them, maybe the wintersown lady would like them. I believe she distributes free seeds to others but not sure. Maybe someone reading this can chime in on where to send them.

OK I pulled out my notes. I always write down standout tomatoes or I forget. Old age I guess Here's my standouts. These will all be in the running for garden spots next year:

Stump of the World- Wow! Very tasty tomato and early to boot. I need a few earlier varieties but have never been impressed with the taste. This one definitely has taste!
Grandfather Ashlock-Pure goodness. Pretty to look at, wonderful taste. I loved it.
Spears Tennessee Green- Outstanding green tomato.
Lescana- My kinda tomato. Big and tasty.
Graveau Romania from the village of Lisa- Excellent tomato. Gorgeous to look at. It's a winner. I definitely want on the list for seeds
Sweet Meat from WV- I have this written down, but no info. I'll have to figure out what it means later LoL

I had a great time seeing all the familiar faces and enjoyed all the new faces there, too. My sister and I laughed about Gary's hat all the way home . And Susan, I don't know what you're doing, but you have some monster tomatoes!

Thanks to Dwight for the Striped Romas, Gary for the onions, and Earl for the Garlic. Ray for the fabulous hot dip recipe, and all the brave folks who rated Craig's peppers. For those of you who took home a squash pepper, they are HOT! So you've been warned.
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