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Cecelia, Gardener and Manure Queen,

Glad to hear that the word is spreading. I am for the 20th of August as well. Seems like a good time to do it. This year I am planting almost 30 varieties in my yard. I should be able to bring 10 to 20 of them depending on conditions. I am trying some green-when-ripes that are new.

I was impressed with Trudy's Absynth so I have some of those. Also, I got some Grub's Mystery Green and Green Doctor Frosted. As in years past I will also have Cherokee Green and for a second time I am trying Green Giant. I will regrow Morx Green and see if it tastes a little better. Hopefully I will have seeds from the greens available for all!

Further we should emphisize that folks should bring tomatoes for the tasting. I think we have gone overboard by ensuring to folks that they don't need to bring tomatoes if they have a bad year but this has been reinterpreted as, "We don't need to bring our tomatoes". Our operation is small-time so we need all the help we can get!

Also, even if the tomatoes are hybrids people would love to see how they taste for educational purposes if nothing else. It's not all about winning but about the love of tomatoes.

I want to see some Mountain Fresh this year... Hank???

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