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JLJ, I should clarify my book situation.

Yes, about 100 or so already books under the long TV table and then a stack of new ones to be read, then maybe 500 other new ones not yet read, then in the same room a huge bookcase with many of my cherished ones, than either side of the stone chimney that goes up about 30 ft more book cases on either side of that going up maybe 12 ft withones I'llnot reliquish while I'm alive..

Then there's the ones in my back room, my seed packing room, yet more I haven't read, then more here in my bedroom where my computer is, that I have read and always want to keep.

I've always had an obsession with books and I remember as a kid in elementary school using a flashlight to hide from my parents how late I was staying up to read, and once caught on I was banished from using flashlights for that, yes, the old story of you'll ruin your eyes.

I've been collecting books for many decades, many from used bookstores near me wherever I was,many purchased outright b'c I couldn't wait for a hardback to come out in paperback.

When I moved here the movers made somecomment about it being easier to move my piano than it was all the books.

Currently I buy books from Daedalus, Hamilton, The Rue Morgue and sometimes Bas Bleu, but also buy new hardbacks if I must have one ASAP.

For many years I've donated lots of books to the Friends of the Library for their sale each memorial day weekend.

But no one asked the last two years and the librarian said that sales from my books brought in the most money.

So that's one reason that books are accumulating so fast here. I've given thought to contacting the owner of a used bookplace locally, but haven't done anything about it, and not the ones I always will keep. There are three othe librairiesnotfar away and that's another option.

I'm bad. The Daedalus catalog will come, I'll see a few I want and the next thing I know I'm calling in an order for maybe 20.This past Xmas I gave gift certificates from Daedalus, they also list music, and more,to my four regular seed producers.

Hamilton is just as bad,superb values, but have to fill out that long list and send it in b'c they don't take phone orders.

Right now the next one is called Neverland, about the interweaving of J M Barrie of Peter Pan, the Du Maurier family and the Davis family and interviewes with Daphne DuMaurier a year before she died, I think that was in 1989. Looks fascinating

But the US Tennis Open also starts tomorrow.

Carolyn, and no one takes my sci fi books from me,no one.
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