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Our first regular frost this year is right now (we had a super light frost a couple Sundays ago, though, but it just wilted some patches of tomato leaves here and there without killing anything). There's already frost on the garbage can. There wasn't supposed to be a freeze today, or for a while, but the weather changed. However, this is a couple days after our average projected first frost date. We're covering stuff up and planning to do the sprinkler method with the tomatoes that are left with fruit on still (it's not supposed to frost again for a while). We spent a good time picking lots of stuff right after I checked the weather (peppers, tomatillos, ground cherries and tomatoes). There was a cucumber, too. I'm glad the Morelle De Balbis can take a freeze. I'm still waiting for my Tabasco peppers to get ripe (so, I covered them, and the okra and Cape Gooseberry ground cherries, too).

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