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Originally Posted by Fusion_power View Post
I have decided to name the tomato I refer to above as LA0417. The reason for this choice is that my selection is a single plant pulled out of a group of a dozen or so when I first grew LA0417 8 years ago. LA0417 is a population, i.e. a group of plants in a Peruvian field with seed collected from multiple plants and many different fruits. The description says they range from small S. Pimpinellifolium up to larger fasciated fruit. As such, my single plant selection is not representative of LA0417 therefore the accession designation is not correct when referring to my selection.

I am naming this tomato "Lorelei" which is a reference to the sirens who lured sailors. Lorelei is a red fruited medium to large cherry tomato about 5/8 to 3/4 inch diameter. It is slightly oval. Some fruits may show a slight nipple on the blossom end. Flavor ranges from good to excellent. Sweetness is moderate. The star attribute of Lorelei is that it is highly tolerant to fungal foliage diseases. Part of this tolerance is because the plant is very vigorous, but there is also a strong genetic component. It has the best Septoria resistance I have seen in a tomato including Iron Lady and others bred for resistance.

I will continue to ship seed based on the seed offer in this thread, but will also be providing plenty of seed to Glenn at Sandhill Preservation to list for sale next year. Please consider growing this cherry tomato as it is better in many aspects than most of the red cherry varieties I have grown. I class it as better than Camp Joy and Anait and while not as sweet as sweet 100, has distinctly better tomato flavor. The combination of flavor and disease resistance is rarely found in open pollinated tomato varieties.

Lorelei will eventually go down from Septoria but usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks longer than most other tomato varieties. It produces very heavily with ripe fruit on the plant for about 6 to 7 weeks in my climate.
I'm also interested in trying the Lorelei tomato. I am able to pay postage via PayPal. I'll send a PM.
PS .: Pienollo with potato leaf is my favorite tomato
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