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Copper compounds are moderately effective fungicides, but only if applied prior to infection and as you said, work best if used with a spreader/sticker. Copper accumulates in soil and eventually becomes a problem for plants. Also, it has to be applied very consistently along with other control measures.

As you note, Daconil is not actually a fungicide. It is kind of like painting the surface of the leaves with a coating that Septoria and other fungi can't easily penetrate. It is only effective if applied before infection and must very thoroughly coat the surface of leaves.

Quadris is a combination fungicide that contains Azoxystrobin which is a synthetic version of Strobilurin that was originally found in Strobilurin mushrooms. It turns out that fungi are really good at producing compounds that prevent other fungi from growing. Note that you can purchase Azoxystrobin which is one of the antifungal compounds in Quadris, or you can purchase Quadris which IIRC, contains 4 different fungicides. Please emphasize that these are not organic controls for fungi.
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