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Default New here, want to attend event

Hi all,

This is my first year really doing a garden, all in homemade EB (18-gallon tote SIPs). I've grown upside-down tomatoes a few times in the past, but the SIPs are far surpassing any prior endeavors.

The ridiculous temps halted fruit set for a bit, but hopefully the current "cooldown" will help.

I only have one heirloom growing (Cherokee Purple), I have ~20 toms on it that are getting quite large, but all green at the moment. I am also growing 5 other hybrids. Since I'm new, wasn't sure what would/wouldn't work, would/wouldn't taste good (though anything NOT from the store will be good, IMO!), etc., so tried a bunch of different things and thought perhaps the hybrids would be more disease resistant.

I hope to attend the event, and perhaps meet some of you!
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