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Originally Posted by JerryL View Post
I know many people have called it Wins All but if you look at the catalog pages on Tania’s page you’ll see it is indeed ‘Winsall’.One word.
Jerry, if you look at Tania's link again, you'll see it as Wins All at the bottom of that page.

Tania was in error in saying that it was originally named Winsall, b'c it was the Henderson Seed Co that named it Wins All after it won the naming contest.

Tania posts it as Winsall b'c that's the way most folks know it.

I can't remember right now who discovered it was originally named Wins All, it could have been Craig L who has a large collection of old seed catalogs.

I think it's best that we stick with the original name of Wins All, and when I remember it I'll let Tania know she might want to change what she wrote/

Regardless, as I said above, I've grown it several times,I think I used to SSE list it.

Above is a Google search and I think you can see that all seed vendors list it as Wins All, except for Tania. The SESE link says quite clearly that Henderson Seed Co named it Wins All.

Hope that helps,

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