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oh, rhubarb soda. Sounds super.

I have so many rhubarb recipes. I use it in everything. Fantastic in bbq sauce.

Recipe cards are a good idea. Nothing fancy. (like the glossies you get with a crock pot) I did some for a friend that were garden farm-ish. Card stock B&White but nice.

Another good friend has done well with a small building attached to his dairy barn. He left NYC after 9-11 and moved upstate. Maple syrup, jam, freezer with pig parts and sausages...a neighbor sells her eggs and pickles in his 'shed'. He is making great cheese now selling in the city but always has some in his honor system fridge. Busy with an organic dairy business but needs to do all he can.

10 bucks in coins in that side pot. Usually paper money goes in the till. I rarely see paper money in a coin change pot honor system.
I do a bit of product for charity during holidays and find that those with fat wallets more than make up for those that are young and might snip an extra. (i make a killer smoked tomatillo salsa) has some rhubarb

LongIsland gentleman farms are a bit different. They have hired help to tend the 'farm' and have honor system farm stands for a tax break. Rich folk.
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