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We had a second bout of cold that lasted 5 nights and the beds had to be kept covered. The result has been that when I removed the plastic and waited a few days I found that all my broccoli that had already headed and most of my cauliflower had frozen to the point that they started rotting. To make matters worse the squirrels have been relentless in their pursuit of my cole crops. I planted a lot of new ones the past two weeks only to have them eaten to the ground by squirrels. I have to say that the few heads that I was able to eat were some of the best I have ever had and I think it was due to the cold. My mustard plants survived with little damage and once the plastic was off they started growing again and have been wonderful and without the aphids of the earlier batch I grew. My rutabagas only had frost cloths over them and they have suffered from the cold but most are recovering nicely.

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