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These are the things I'll be planting this fall:

Broccoli, Packman - I'm still working on trying to stretch out the planting so that I'm not hip deep in broccoli one week and have none afterwards. It's for fresh eating only (no freezing) so this fall I'm growing twelve plants and starting three plants every ten days. The second set of three got started yesterday. When the heads are gone there will be plenty of sideshoots.

Cabbage - Stonehead (which will make first) and Charleston Wakefield (which will finish a bit later). Four plants of each were started Jul 21

Collards, Vates - Three plants were started Jul 21. For just two people, I've found that four plants each of collards and kale are too much so just three this time. Maybe two of each in the spring if three are too much. I give away the excess.

Kale, Premier - Same as the collards

I quit growing bok choy as it is a huge flea beetle magnet.

Agee, what's your secret for brussels and cauliflower? Sure wish I could grow both but have had no success with either despite multiple tries. The brussel plants grow fine but the little heads never tighten up. And I finally read that my cauliflower failure is due to temp fluctuations. Too many warm spells popping up during head formation.

Non-cole stuff: field peas (planted yesterday), scallions, onions, garlic, bush beans and a few more tomato plants (already going), carrots, daikon and other radishes
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