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Originally Posted by dirtdobber View Post
oh yeah I work for a gas utility company and if you want to find the meter at any house find the biggest bush and it will be behind it. I routinely stomp bushes.
Several years ago I was testing the kitchen extinguishing system in a fancy restaurant in down town San Antonio.
It was Cinco de Mayo a really big day for us Texans and Mexicans.

Part of the test is to shunt out the breaker for the vent hoods.
They told us where the breaker was.
We shunted out the breaker and that wasn't the breaker.
Then the cook started putting mesquite wood on the grill.
The whole darn place filled up with smoke.
The head vampire is p!ssed and yelling at me.
People were leaving the place it was so smokey.
I looked everywhere and found everything behind a bunch of bushes outside.
Got it turned back on and all was well after awhile.
The guy kept yelling at me what are you going to do about this over and over.
I just took the check and walked off telling him to cool down dude.
One of the worst days of my life at work, smoke rolling down the street.

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