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Default The Albrecht System

I am in a Market Growers facebook group and several farmers with a lot more experience and knowledge than me use this method of soil amending/fertilizing. I'm curious if anyone here has tried it and what the results were.

Like most things nowadays there is a ton of conflicting info online, but I have seen the results that the farmers mentioned had using this system, and it does make me strongly consider trying it.

My yields have been slightly declining for the past 2 years even though I use compost, manure, and all sorts of organic matter. I also apply lime, mag, and sulfur yearly as recommended by my soil test. The main issue I have with the Albrecht method is that is can be very expensive to do organically, and can take multiple seasons to see results. The basic principle makes sense to me, but in reality it seems feeding the plant may be more economical and effective in my situation.

Any info/help appreciated!
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