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Default Vermicomposting

How many folks here vermicompost? I just started. I remember my father trying it back in the 70's. We got a flood and he lost all his worms, he never restarted.

I'm using a "Worm Cafe" stack-able bin system. it's made in Australia from recycled materials.

I purchased 2000 red worms and the bin has been up and running since the first week in January.

I've just started my second bin. The first one is full and weighs around 20-25 lbs.

I feed the worms about 5-6 pounds of kitchen scraps and egg shells blended into a thick paste weekly.

Here are a few pictures.

In the third pictures you can see some of the worm eggs, the small amber and yellowish colored sphere's.

In the forth picture you see my worm feed, by blending it they convert it faster into worm poop.

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