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I restarted my WormInn in November. I bought the worms from a vendor in Texas and they are SO much better than those I bought from the first vendor. (the one that pops up on a google search).

First time around, I kept them for about 3 years BUT I read to include leaves. Big mistake - within time, the WormInn was inundated with earwigs. I tried over 1 year to get rid of the earwigs by separating the worms and starting over. It was a hoot throwing 20-50 Earwigs to the lizards; a total feeding frenzy.

This time, nothing from the ground goes in. I'm also growing Microgreens - big reason for getting the worminn going again (also bought a composter for the same reason). And the worms thrive on the Microgreen stems, roots, and mix.
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