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Default Soil pH meter question

Any suggestions for a reliable soil pH probe that doesn't cost a lot.
I did get the Burpee meter last year, here were my results.

It only reads 7.5 for every sample I've checked so far. Fox Farms Ocean Forest 7.5 pH. My compost pile 7.5 pH. My garden soil 7.5 pH. The coco coir starter mix I make 7.5 pH They all start out higher. But, all end up at 7.5.

I can measure nutrients going into my plants in coco coir at 6.2 and the runoff is 6.1 very close with my APERA liquid pH meter. But, that Burpee meter stuck in the same coco coir measures 7.5 pH.

BTW, the meter is in the pH measuring mode in all examples above. So, out with the old and in with the hopefully accurate new..
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