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Oy, I never thought of ashes as haz mat for worms.
I grew up hearing of proudly using fireplace ashes around the garden.

Yes, our water is very high in calcium cabonate. PH is 8.5. My shower doors are impossible to keep clear. Its pretty common to have a water softener, but I never had one installed. Radium is also on the high side. Everything has to adapt to what we have.

I hear a bunch of nays and one "maybe but in moderation and in con★★★★★★★★ with peat". And thank you for the note of caution of container use. That would have been my next question.

The clay worked great for peppers, despite its high ph, but my immediate need is for a looser soil to plant garlic in within the week. It would need a significant amount of amendment, and apparently a handful is not a viable material.
Bummer , bummer, bummer I thought I had some black gold for free,

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