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Well there is always next year. I put my pole beans in around June first, and bush limas, but the limas didn't produce much. Poles beans were fine as usual. They don't have to go in the ground until it is hot. I took them out this week and replanted those rows with two middle rows of red beets and outside rows of daikon. In mid winter when all is dead I plan to cover with black plastic mulch. I am at the point with so many beds that it takes a long time to rehab them each spring. So if I can't get leaves I'll do cover crop where I can and then lay the plastic to keep the Feb-April weeds suppressed.

The bean pics are from Aug 4th - hope you can squeeze some in next year.

The bed by the house had zucchini again this year for the summer, and now is flush with the daikon planted earlier. Behind that is mint and rhubarb and an expanding fennel. I never do anything to that area except for the rhubarb - compost in spring and wood chips or mulch before winter. Now the drip tape bucket and stand are laying there. After the first or second rhubarb cutting, that area is overgrown with weeds by July. Hot and humid there. I'm really not sure what to do with that area to keep it under control, mint spreading like it does, and then the weeds mixing in, it was a 6 ft high bunny brooding house a couple weeks ago before I pulled them. It is against the back wall of the house, facing NE and catches lots of heat in the summer until 2pm, but doesn't see much sun in the winter. Got the sewer pipe under there and clothes dryer's exhaust, too.

We have good rhubarb there that makes plenty on the left side. There is red rhubarb in the middle and to the right that takes up a lot of area, but produces almost nothing, then is overwhelmed by weeds each year. Maybe it is time for that to go. I'm really not sure what to do with this area.
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