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(Side tracked for a second)
It's raining like all heck right now. In fact it has rained all month. I think this might go down as the most rain we have ever had here in record keeping history. We are getting ready to break 9 inches of rain. We usually only get two. Anyway i haven't been able to get into the garden to finish planting everything. I think all my plants are sick. Way way to much water...

I can go back and confirm the correct pressure tank & pressure switch. I just need to pop the lid off the well.

(Before I forget I wanna add a little more data.) That line that runs the water from the well down to the gate valves under the M/H.

I have a 1 inch adapter to a 3/4 gate valve with hose bib. Then a small piece of pex to another 3/4 gate valve. This way i can cut the water off in the M/H and still have water outside.

I also have a crap load of 10 ft sections of 1/2 & 3/4 pex here and a lot of fittings. So I can put water anywhere I need it with in reason.

I also have a little garden out in front of the house. It's 16 x 5 for her flowers and stuff. i would like to include that area right off the bat for this system.

{Anyway... It was suggested to me to run 3/4 poly main line and then hook up drip tape for my rows. Yep I am going to need some misc stuff like valves ect. I just want to be sure that 3/4 is going to be big enough considering the well is so far away.}

( I was also asked to Check my pressure and gallons per minute at the well. )

I do have a gauge on the well. But it is not plumb in to get water from it up there. Granted i can certainly plumb that in if needed.

So what do you guys and gals think? Where should I start?

Again thanks for any info you might provide.

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