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Getting late I will draw a description of what I am talking about tomorrow.
As with elevation and pressure.
One way to do it is to get a hose run it from the source and to the garden with water in it.
Put a gauge at the garden end with no pressure from the tap.
Put another gauge at the source.
This will show you the pressure gain and the difference in elevation.
Think water tower.
A 100 foot full water tower will have about 43 PSI at the bottom.
This is why there is a tank at the top and a pipe going down.
If the town is another 100 feet in elevation below that you will have 86 PSI.
If the town is 100 feet above the bottom of the tower you will have 0 PSI.
If the pipe going to the town goes up 50 feet and then back down 50 feet.
The 50 foot mark up will lose 21.5 psi but will gain it back on the next down hill side.
This is due to the siphon effect.
This same effect is how you measuer pressure in the ocean at depth.
If you go down 100 feet you will have a lot of pressure on you like 59 psi.

Some place on this forum I have all of this drawn out.
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