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Good answers, all and good question, Adriana. The problem is that once they are released - typically by a company, more recently by several - that is the end of our "control" of them and it then becomes up to the releasing company or companies to continue them - and perhaps for others to start carrying them as well. So far, Victory, Tatiana, Heritage Tomato Seeds, Sample Seed Shop - and increasingly perhaps, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - seem to be the companies carrying the most, and Sandhill, Jeff Casey's company, Gleckler (when they were in business) and even Tomato Growers Supply carried at least one each. A few other companies have expressed interest in carrying them as well, but it is just early discussion stages.

I am writing an article on the project that will appear in The American Gardener next year - hopefully it will shine a brighter light on the project and varieties and stir up more interest.

They are really out in the court of public opinion (and profitability testing for the carrying companies). If people like them, they will be requested and hopefully remain available and even increased to other companies. If not, they will recede - and perhaps be available only through exchanging SSE members and those of us in the project who are fond of them and maintain them.
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