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@ oakley, Lemon Balm is another edible herb that is hardy here. Winter Savory I had for years but finally perished engulfed by moss and conifers. Horseradish and Sunchokes I got from the farm, they are perennial but not especially enthused with my site/companions so far. I suspect the ravens of plucking up horseradish, although a few have survived. Egyptian Onions and other perennial green onions, leeks etc overwintering no problem, garlic especially porcelains even seem to relish the cold spring weather as long as snow is off.
Many perennial medicinal herbs that thrive in my garden, culinary are scarcer but they are cherished!! I have seen parsley overwinter at other sites (not the frost pocket). And if not overwinter, both parsley and cilantro will self seed a patch if allowed. Kale likewise, my mother's kale patch is a yearly free for all. Some kales overwinter for early spring greens and "mockoli".
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