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Originally Posted by rnewste View Post
Here is the corrected link:

I know some folks attended last year - - what was the impression?


I would love to see some responses from other tomatovillans to this...

Here is my take. Although, I'm one of the organizers so my opinion just may be biased... I'll try to stick to the facts.

We had over 50 varieties of heirloom tomatoes for tasting from three sources: One Seed to Many, Full Circle Farm and Wild Boar Farms. Also, one of the local master gardeners, Marianne, also shared her tomatoes. Everyone I talked to, enjoyed the tomatoes. I was asking people if they thought any of the farmed tomatoes were overwatered, and thus have less flavor - but everybody thought they were plenty delicious. I think that by far the most popular one was Green Grape. Interestingly it has a strong and distinct flavour that seems to please every palet. The first year was attended by more gardeners. The last year (2010) we certainly attracted more foodies - I would love to see more gardeners participating, hence the best tomato contest this year.

Coming back to last year's event, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some to check out:

Hope we will see you at TomatoBash this year! If you come, please say hi...

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