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From what I've read over the years, calcium uptake becomes limited when pH is high. I really have no other explanation for the limited amount of blossom end rot that occurred. Conditions were nearly perfect other than some extreme temps in June that appeared to cause some blossom drop. Dry weather & nutrient rich soil.

This past season was the highest yield for me. The only issue was very little early harvest, then they all came at once & I couldn't keep up! The end rot was rare but it did happen. Next year I can almost count on it not being optimal weather & I want to do all I can to improve my odds. 2015 was almost a total loss. 2014 wasn't that much better.

This past year I switched to a completely new organization & location. I actually have more control over my plot. Unlike the old place, they do not move the plots around & I have access to it off-season. The only drawback (IMO) is it's strictly organic, so no daconil.

Thanks everyone for all your replies. I will likely spread some sulfur this week. It can't hurt, right?!

Joe S.
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