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I'm assuming you've grown them in these same high tunnels with a very different growth pattern.

So the plants look healthy but are growing without much fruit but a lot of vine. I'm also assuming they're not leggy but rather just have a lot of foleage. I think you're right in diagnosing it as too much nitrogen.

They're saying you can add bonemeal or colloidal phosphate to fix the problem.

If they're too tall you can also top them. One time I was fruiting a tomato plant indoors and I think I accidentally cut off the lead growth. Instead of kicking off more suckers it just kept kicking off fruit sites. I had 2 fruit sites at every node. 10" tall plant with > 50 flowers. What I'm saying is that I think you can still get good yield if you can get the soil balanced even if you cut off the terminal growth.

I've grown most of my plants indoors so I don't know much about pests.
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