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Default Banana Legs ?

I have some Banana Legs tomatoes that need to be eaten, and some Penne Rigate needing some sauce.

I've grown tomatoes for 5 years now and have never made a sauce, but that's what I would like to do with these Banana Legs. I thought I would ask you all what you would do with them before/or instead of looking it up online.

Ingredients I have for adding to a sauce:

Onion powder
Onions fresh from the garden
Garlic powder
Garlic fresh from the garden
Sweet Basil - growing in garden
Oregano Leaves
Parsley flakes
Italian seasoning
Peppers - growing in garden
Mint - growing in garden

Peppers to choose from:

Thai Chili
Aji Amarillo
Big Jim Lumbre
Cherry Bomb
Sweet Red Cherry
Jimmy Nordello
Chervena Chuska
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