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Originally Posted by pmcgrady View Post
I'm growing 3 colors of cheese peppers this year, curious on what to expect... mini bells looked similar. These Mighty Mini peppers aren't bells, more like a gypsy pepper only smaller and in different colors.
Cheese peppers are a larger type of sweet pimento pepper, a distinctly different pepper than a bell.
You will see they have intense sweet pepper flavour and thicker walls than bells. Very crisp and juicy.
My fav pepper to grow for fresh. Just fantastic.
Not all cheese peppers have the word cheese in their name. There are lots of varieties and IMO should be grown more often. Try one called sweet apple if you can get seeds.
Enjoy them, interested to see what you think and the. Orange, yellow and red cheese peppers of those names ripen green to yellow or orange or red, not a progression of colour. Like all sweet peppers they can be eaten green but the real treat is the sweet crunchiness of the fully ripe ones.
smallush plants and easy to grow in pots.

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