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Originally Posted by b54red View Post
That is probably just some gray mold. Either spray with a copper spray or the bleach spray and it shouldn't be a problem if it is just starting. Is that a black tomato variety?
If it is it is almost certainly gray mold. Late Blight usually starts much higher up the plant at least it always has when I have been hit by it. If I had that few yellow leaves each year I would be very happy. Just remove them along with any other damaged or diseased leaves when you first spot them and apply a fungicide to lessen the severity of new diseases coming along.


Thanks Bill. It’s not black. I think it may be moskvich or cosmonaut volkov

I have a plant 3-4 feet away having similar wilt. And still getting yellow/orange on middle branches on 1-2 and haven’t watered since Thursday rain
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