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Originally Posted by Tiny Tim View Post
Thanks again rhines81, I did pinch the cotyledons. I'll try the middle ground as well with the buds. That Mars II 400 LED only puts out around 190 watts. First year for me using LEDs. I also have a Mars 300. In my other tent I run a small magnetic HGT 250 watt HPS.

You must be running larger lights or are far beyond my skill set for indoor gardening.

I had to keep this in the 4" pot due to the tent being crowded.
I'm going to move up to 1 gallon fabric pot and going into FFOF soil in another week for this plant. I have to much going on to go 5 gallon this time around.

It will be interesting to see your progress and hope to learn from it. I don't like making avoidable mistakes.
I just use standard T5 fluorescent bulbs placed an inch or two above the plants (on for 16 hrs/off for 8 hrs). Room temperature after germination (68-72F). I fertilize with a half strength 3-5-4 (standard tomato fertilizer) every other week, they grow nice and healthy. Your 4" pot will keep them fine up to about 12 weeks, but they need more root space. 6" pot will be good to 16-18 weeks, but you need at least a 2 gallon pot (5 gallon much better) to grow them out to fruit well.
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