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everything but the lavender is easy to start from seed and much cheaper. Splurge by spending the savings on the lavender. You will be fortunate to find any of them for less than 4.00 each for a decent sized pot.

I start all the rest by filling a flat and sprinkling the seeds over the surface, spritz with water, cover them with plastic so they don't dry out and keep them out of direct sun so they don't' cook and they will be germinated in less than a week, most likely.

Direct seed your cilantro wherever you want it to grow. It does not perform after being transplanted. It will go straight to flower. Every week or two toss a few more seeds out to germinate. Once you see a flower start to develop there isn't much to work with for culinary use. You can use the flowers in place of the leaves. they taste just like the leaves.
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