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This year I'm switching from 10 gallon poly growbags to 30 gallon fabric smartpots. The poly growbags are good for 2 years if you don't try to move them. Otherwise they will get brittle after 1 year and rip when moved.

The fabric growbags are heavy duty and should last much longer. And they better for what they cost. I will be happy if I get 3 years out of them.

Epsom salts will flush out but organic fertilizer meals do not. I personally don't think it is needed. I use a peat-based mix with plenty of magnesium in my liming mix and mineral amendments.

I have never noticed lime or powdered mineral amendments getting flushed out in my regular containers, the runoff is clear. And I use a lot of powdered minerals. But again, that's with a peat-based mix and 25-33% compost, and I add microbial inoculants. I assume the mycorrhizae and bacteria help stick everything in place.

I also let a new or refurbished soilless mix sit for a few weeks after mixing and wetting, so I'm not filling containers with dry mix and then watering to runoff.
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