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Of the seeds mentioned, the vegetables can be sown now if you have an area prepared but they likely won’t grow until spring unless you have a very warm spell.
In my garden at this time I have winterbor kale, violas, chard and several types of lettuce all were started in August and September.
To me, winter sowing seeds outdoors has no expectation of any growth until spring.
Growing greens etc is possible in my zone during a normal winter but they are plants that were started in early fall and hardened before it got cold. My plants are looking ok, usable size leaves but are not growing right now. More just sitting growing very slowly . Alive but waiting for it to warm up before resuming normal growth.
I think honestly unless instructions require a period of cold stratification that except for the veggies planted in ground now, mulched so that rain doesn’t wash the seeds away) you will have better luck in spring. If you want a growing project now, grow indoors with lights for more success.
For next year, start or buy transplants of cold tolerant greens, kale, cos lettuces etc in the late summer early fall, plant them in place before it gets cold, allow them to acclimatize gradually and you should be able to have some garden produce right through winter.
I use large pots for convenience, easier to move or cover if needed. Have 8 this size planted similarly. Used for tomatoes in summer.
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