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My pots are plastic, about the size of half barrels, maybe a bit smaller. Heavy frost here last night but being up off the ground helps. Here is a shot taken just now 1100 am PST.
Frozen leaves and gravel in the driveway right alongside the row of pots.

If you aren’t afraid of failure or losing the seeds you have. Go ahead and sow your wildflower seeds. I would do as you suggest and grow them in a container so you can protect them and observe them. For most perennial herbs, rosemary especially it is a lot easier to root cuttings (free ones from a neighbor?)
Regardless, as long as you are enjoying and learning it’s always worthwhile to grow things even when experiments don’t turn out as planned. I have had a great many less than stellar results in my gardening through the years and although not as frequent now I still have my fair share of trouble. Go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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