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Default Jezebel Sauces

Even with the winds and the chilly weather could not change or discourage the attendees at the CHOPTAG Plant Exchange. The gathering of the old and new folks interested in gardening and growing tomatoes provided the warm fellowship often seen at family gatherings. I wish that "spirit" could be boxed and passed along to others. Since that is not possible I guess one has to experience it first hand. Remember there is a Tomato Tasting coming up this summer!

Several folks expressed interest in the variety of sauces I made and brought upon Earl's suggestion. Food preparation has been a great part of my life both in work and at home. I love to experiment with flavor and combinations and am always asking "what if"?

The sauces I brought were --- Add your choice and levels of heat you like.

Apple/Apricot using apple jelly and dried apricots re-hydrated

Berry/Berry Delicious was fresh Blueberrites and Rasberry Jam

Cranberry/Orange was fresh frozen cranberries I had saved from Christmas and essence of orange peel and fresh oranges.

Tomato and Fire Roasted Pimento Peppers

Tropical Fruit Delight made with a package of dried Tropical Fruit with complimenting fruit juices to re-hydrate the dried fruit.

Jezebel Sauce

You can serve this with meats -- Chicken, Pulled Pork, Ham, Grilled or Roasted beef, Burgers or BBQ or as chunks of meat appetizers and use as a dip for vegetables or spread over a block of Cream Cheese to be eaten with crackers. The Jams/Jellies may be a choice you make depending upon the type meats you have (Ham/Pineapple/Apple, Pork/Apple/Apricot, Turkey/Cranberry/Apple, Cranberry/Orange Marmalade). whatever combination you desire. Those with great desire for the "hot" stuff may add their favorite peppers.

Jezebel Sauce Example

1 (10-oz.) jar apple jelly
1 (10-oz.) jar pineapple jam
1 (5-oz.) jar prepared horseradish
1/4 c. dry English blend mustard
1 tsp. dried crushed red pepper

To prepare sauce: Process apple jelly, pineapple jam, horseradish, dry mustard and pepper in a food processor until smoothly blended. Store the blended sauce in a covered glass container under refrigeration for up to 3 weeks. Sauce is best if prepared the day before serving to allow flavor to fully develop. Yields approximately 2˝ cups.
To serve: Traditionally, Jezebel Sauce has been served as an appetizer in southern Louisiana. To do so, simply bring prepared sauce to room temperature, pour over softened cream cheese and spread on crackers or Cayenne Toast. However, the complex blend of this sweet-yet-peppery-tasting sauce is a delicious garnish for pork, chicken and boiled shrimp. It also makes a superb dip for chicken nuggets. To use as a glaze for grilled pork or chicken, brush on meat during the last three minutes of cooking. Excellent!

Hope everyone has a great growing season. Remember to share the best tomatoes at the Tomato Tasting this summer!
Happy Gardening!
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