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Originally Posted by Zeedman View Post
You might want to try Diamond. It is also known as Almaz in Belarus (a trader from Belarus offers it through SSE). It has done consistently well for me, heavy yields regardless of summer weather.
Hi I have been growing Diamond for several years. I read that bit about "grows in clusters" in the description before I bought the seeds (from Baker Creek), but mine didn't grow that way. I'm a member of SSE, and I saw someone else had listed the seeds of Diamond and said the same thing "grows in clusters of 3 or 4 fruits" but when I asked her about it, she said, "You know I just copied that part of the description, and my Diamond eggplants don't grow in clusters either."

That being said, I have grown Diamond, Listada de Gandia, and Antigua. I like the Diamond better than the Antigua -- Listada has sharp thorn like things on the calyx, which makes it harder to pick.

If anyone hasn't tried eggplant I encourage you to try. We used to eat the store bought kind once a month, now we have it every couple of days. We got 120 fruits from 6 plants of Diamond.

good luck all,
Dick Shannon
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