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Originally Posted by ScottinAtlanta View Post
I do the ice cube thing for pepper puree too.

Nolabelle, please tell us about pepper puree.
Hi Scott,

I think I posted this in the "Carmen" thread somewhere. It's very easy, but you'll need a food mill unless you don't mind pepper skins.

I've begun doing this to preserve cayenne peppers because there are so many of them. Also because the pepper skins were slightly tough and unpalatable when used in cooking.

Cook the peppers in minimal liquid until tender.
Chop in a food processor
Run through a food mill using the medium or course blade.

You end up with a puree sans the seeds and skins. I freeze in ice cube trays, then store in freezer bags. Easy to pop into soups, stews and gravies. I've begun using it as a marinade for meats too. (Someone here gave me that idea. Thank you very much!)

A decent food mill will run approximately $30. This is the one I recently bought.
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