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Keeping it really simple. Here is a really easy and quick way to make a tripod or tepee with 4 legs that I made 3 years ago. Pick up a dozen inexpensive furring strips (nominal 1 x 2 x 8) at a big box store along with some 5" long x 1/4 inch flat head bolts, wing nuts to fit and flat washers.

Next, drill a 3/8 inch hole (on the 2 inch side) 2 inches from the top of each furring strip. Then if you are making a tripod, stack three furring strips so the holes line up, put a washer on a bolt, insert through all three furring strips, add another washer and add the wing nut. Loosely tighten the wing nut so there is some "play" in the furing strips.

To protect the legs from rot I use a latex-based synthetic rubber spray from a big box to coat the legs from bottom up about a foot from where the meet the ground. This serves to waterproof them and prevent deterioration.

Stand the tripod up and spread the legs to the desired angle. Stake as described in an earlier post, string and you are ready to go in very little time using only a drill, no cutting involved. At the end of the season they can be folded up and stored for next season.
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