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Default Abundance of shredded Maple Wood

I have some new wood shreds to use about the backyard.

The landscape company did a poor job of sighting trees when this house was built 26 years ago. Sadly five trees were removed from my yard last fall, too close to the house, too close together, house needed repair etc. I was not able to save the mulch as it shoots into a closed truck bed.

The stump grinding crew just returned and finished off the stumps. I asked them to leave the shreds in place. I have a huge pile of maple shredded tree root and soil combined. A mulch resource said maple was a no for vegetable gardens, but okay for paths. So I made a path right up to and around my bed. I also reluctantly topped 2 4 X 4 raised beds that I use for peppers with an inch of the maple/soil mix. Is there anything I should do to facilitate any helpful activity. I'm reading conflicting information (mix in, leave on top, add nitrogen) and little specifically on maple.

I also have a mostly wood shreds hole where a crabapple was. This would be a great new full sun spot for a small fruit bush. The hole is too huge to fill just with bagged topsoil. What could tolerate the crabapple mulch with a wee bit of bagged soil. Ph here is quite high naturally.

- Lisa
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