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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
Steve, That is the one and only article that specifically discusses maple chips or shredded maple as mulch. I thought there might be more information published on this. It really caught my attention. However, the article discusses bagged mulch that has been stored and turned sour in the bag. Either way it seems maple is ominous to me in the garden.

My neighbor had a very large tree removed between our homes years back. The depression from the rotting wood below ground was only a few inches below the surrounding lawn, but it went out over 10 feet in all directions. They added soil and grass seed but it took many years to fill in.

I'm wondering if I should water the mulch cover with mg to speed decomposition in the raised beds earmarked for peppers or leave the 1 to 2 inch layer alone and keep as the intended use to use as a mulch to suppress weeds.

- Lisa
As Worth writes, you need to add nitrogen (grass clippings, fertilizer, etc.) to speed decomposition of wood chips (carbon), but it would still take a long time. I'd just leave the chips as a mulch. (I use bark mulch, which is basically the same.)

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