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Default Morocco Heirloom Tomatoes

Howdy all?

I have been away for a while because of serious personal reasons.
Anyway, I am back and trying to grow some tomatoes and other vegetables.
Now I am looking for some Moroccan heirloom tomatoes. The reason I am asking this is because I grew up in a very small town on the edge of the desert and we mostly ate what was produced locally. Mind you this was in the 60s and 70s. I clearly remember the tomatoes were absolutely delicious. I used to grab one or two with a pinch of salt and go wonder around in the gardens and forest.
I have been away from Morocco for over 30 years and I now know that they use the same crappy tomatoes we see all over the US. These are red "thingies" that look like tomatoes but have no flavor and have a shelf life of over 100 years.
If there are some Moroccan members of this forum and happen to have seeds of some heirlooms, I would love to hear from them. If not and they at least know which varieties used to be cultivated in Morocco a few decades ago, I would be delighted to have that type of information.

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