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Yes, thanks Nan that was so interesting.

ICARDA is working hard to conserve grains and legumes. But maybe not tomatoes?

I looked through the first 500 accessions just searching for "Morocco" here and ticked "include historic":
and I found these:

PI 123433 Aurore
PI 123434 Hatif de Cologne
PI 123435 Gloria de Mordin
PI 123436 Reine de Reives
PI 123437 Potager de Viljoule
PI 123438 Sans Parcille

There are a couple more on the list - mostly not available ones - if you use "tomato" as the search term and add the advanced search to choose "Morocco" as country. Then you can click on the accession number links and read about them.
It looks like Aurore and the others in this group of numbers were obtained May 1937
and there's one unnamed one before that, from 1936

I haven't gotten seeds from the gene bank myself, but some people have been successful, others not? Someone else can give you advice about it, I hope.
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