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Thanks for that info - I recall seeing some Moroccon cherry tomaties here as well (although not as common as those from Spain) .. Yes, I can image the challenges, both with the water and the diseases. Hopefully there will be more ecological solutions available in the future..

I knew Morocco is a large producer of argan oil, which is an important ingredient in the beauty industry these days.
Argan tree grows in one place in the entire planet: Western Morocco around the cities of Essaouira and Safi. The constant drought has taken a huge toll on the Argan tree forests. Add to it grazing by goats and the problem is compounded 10 times.
Morocco has become the Florida of Europe. European retirees are moving to Morocco to enjoy the year-round nice weather as well as affordable housing and food. They can even afford to have house maids and cooks. This would have been impossible in Europe for the vast majority of them.
Some Europeans even are using their homes as small hotels and are getting even richer. The ones that are left behind are low class Moroccans and that includes small farmers.
I sincerely wish these small farms rediscover sustainable farming as well as heirloom varieties. In fact around cities like Rabat, it is Morocco's capital, organic farming has enabled some farmers to make a decent living by selling organic vegetables to city folks. I have seen some farmers drop GMO seeds and return to the old ways and reap huge rewards for doing just that. Moroccans, just like everybody else, are caring more and more about what they eat. They realize how tasty heirloom vegetables are compared to the "atrocities" that are sold for vegetables in markets. Just compare what a heirloom tomato tastes like compared to what you can buy from your local grocery store. I personally do not consider them tomatoes any more. They are freak genetic experiments that are used for color and shelf life. Taste is at the bottom of the list when it comes to selecting desirable features by growers and sellers.

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