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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
The garlic is coming up way faster than it has the last two years. It was planted Sep 27 after the weather finally cooled off a bit and then the 90's came back. One variety, the Maiskij, started poking up just seven days later. I took this pic of the Maiskij this morning, the 12th day after planting. About 4-6” tall on average. On the other side of the bed, the Scilla only has one or two up as it’s done the past two falls.

I don't know if this early push is a good or bad thing. Does anybody know? It's mulched so hopefully the soil is staying cool. Temps are supposed to break and cool off next week.

On a hunch I checked my daily temperature data for the Sep-Oct ‘16, ’17 and ’18. Then I figured an average daily temp for the time between day of planting and day of first poking up. No significant variance. However for the month as a whole, this September was hot; the average daily temp was five degrees above the past two Septembers. We had 20 days with highs above 90. The previous two Septembers had 11 and 7 respectively.

My guess is that the soil temp was a lot warmer this year at planting time but I don’t have any data on that. If that is the cause, it seems that the Maiskij has been affected a lot more than the Scilla. I guess we’ll see if it has any overall effect on the Maiskij in the long run. Maybe ready earlier next spring?
I am also in Georgia. I was planning on planting garlic last week, then I put it off. I may plant tomorrow since we are expecting 2-3 inches of rain. I believe you should be fine since, hopefully, the crazy hot days are over. Good luck!
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