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Originally Posted by PureHarvest View Post
Curious why you guys in the south would be planting so early (relative to those of us up here in zone 7) that plant late October - November to avoid the warm fall weather that would promote lots of top growth going into winter.
Before my first planting in fall '16, I read Georgia Extension's page on garlic and that said to plant late Sep-Nov. " For highest yields, therefore, the cloves must be planted early enough to permit the development of large vegetative plants during the short cool days of late winter. The yield potential of the plants depends on the amount of vegetative growth before bulbing commences. "

Soooooo, I planted late September to get the longest growing window. Also, those first seed garlic bulbs I ordered arrived around Sep 6th and being a garlic newbie I didn’t know how long I could hold them before planting. They made a super crop so I repeated the planting time last year. Why mess with success? And we rarely have cold enough winter weather to damage onion and garlic tops.

This fall I’ve had the added pressure of getting the garden in and on autopilot because I’m having knee surgery next Wednesday when a 16 year old knee replacement gets replaced. I’ll be out of gardening commission for a while and my sister Pickles will be doing the tending. However I think that I will push planting back into October next fall.
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