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What if this disease is actually Bacterial spot? Is the same true?
You can minimize problems with bacterial spot by following these tips:
  1. Select resistant varieties
  2. Purchase disease-free seed and transplants.
  3. Treat seeds by soaking them for 2 minutes in a 10% chlorine bleach solution (1 part bleach; 9 parts water). Thoroughly rinse seeds and dry them before planting.
  4. Mulch plants deeply with a thick organic material like newspaper covered with straw or grass clippings.
  5. Avoid overhead watering.
  6. Remove and discard badly infected plant parts and all debris at the end of the season.
  7. Spray every 10-14 days with fixed copper (organic fungicide) to slow down the spread of infection.
  8. Rotate peppers to a different location if infections are severe and cover the soil with black plastic mulch or black landscape fabric prior to planting.

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